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Instructional Cassette Catalog: Music and Musicians


This catalog is an annotated guide to instructional music cassettes available as of July 2002. The books listed in this catalog may be borrowed by eligible individuals registered with the NLS Music Section. Link to our Sign Up page to learn more about eligibility and registration.

It is divided into eighteen sections whose titles generally indicate the contents of each section. Thus, "Appreciation" gathers together cassettes dealing with the appreciation of music. The "Courses" section contains cassette titles that bear on learning how to sing and play various instruments. And the "Opera" section has numerous cassettes on particular operas or facets of a composer's opera output.

In this Web access, the catalog is available as 18 individual lists. You can follow a link below. You can return to the links list from any part of the catalog by following the link, "Instructional Cassette Catalog", at the top of each list.

A large-print copy of this catalog may be ordered by contacting:

Music Section
National Library Service for the Blind
and Physically Handicapped
Library of Congress
Washington, DC 20542

Links to Contents

Learning to Listen


Biographies of composers, conductors, performers, songwriters, etc.

History from medieval through baroque,classical, and romantic to modern

Instruments grouped by strings, woodwinds, brass, percussion, keyboard, etc.

Rehearsals of orchestral pieces with conductor and other commentary

Learning Music Skills

Courses for voice, various instruments, and composition


Forms and analysis of composition

Individual pieces for various instruments and voice

Master classes for piano, voice, strings and woodwinds

Special Topics

Folk music of various cultures

Music for holidays and seasons

Jazz and ragtime

Nostalgia and popular music

Opera appreciation, lectures, and plots

Patriotic and protest music

Sacred and gospel music

Music and the human experience

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Posted on 2010-10-04