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Japanese Electronic Resources

Since 2008, the Asian Division has been acquiring Japanese e-resources. The databases listed below are continuing subscriptions and can only be accessed from the Asian Reading Room.

BookPLUS: Catalog containing bibliographic information for nearly 2 million books published in Japan. [Search in Japanese only]

eol AsiaOne The eol database provides detailed information on corporate Japan and the East Asia region, including company and management profiles, annual reports, publicly filed financial and compliance documents, and press releases. It contains data of every publicly-traded company (over 4,000 in Japan and approx. 6000 in East Asia) and private, unlisted companies (approximately 1,900) covering from 1984 to present, and updated daily. Actual financial data can be downloaded. Available in both Japanese and English interfaces. [Interface: Japanese & English; search in Japanese, English, Chinese & Korean]

JapanKnowledge+ (plus): Japan knowledge contains various reference sources, including dictionaries (Japanese, English and multi-languages), encyclopedias (Encyclopedia Nipponica, Encyclopdeia of Japan, Kodansha Encyclopedia of Japan, etc. [Interface: Japanese only; search in Japanese & English]

Kikuzo II Visual : Asahi Shinbun Online : indexes over two million articles published by the Asahi newspaper in Japan between 1945 and 1984, and over five million full text articles published after 1985. [Search in Japanese only]

Kodansha Encyclopedia of Japan : Contains hard data and full text on Japanese politics, government, economics and corporate behavior, as well as information on Japanese art, culture, and history. As of 2008, consolidated into JapanKnowledge. [Interface: Japanese only; search in Japanese & English]

Koseisha Zasshi Kiji Sakuin Shusei: The Koseisha database provides indexing to journal/periodical articles published in Japanese from early Meiji period (1868-1912) to the current including academic journals and popular (general interest) magazines. The database merges data from CiNii (Citation Information by the National Institute of Informatics), a database of journal articles and research bulletins by academic institutions and societies. It also covers Zasshi Kiji Sakuin-Japanese Periodicals Index by the National Diet Library, Japan.

MagazinePLUS: Japanese index to over 4 million articles in 8,500 journals and magazines covering medicine, science, law, humanities, popular culture, business and social sciences. [Search in Japanese only]

Nikkei Telecom21: The database focuses on Japan-related matters containing the following:

  • News Flashes - Approximately 1000 news flashes per day virtually in real-time.
  • Article Archive Search - 500-200 articles updated per day. Backfile goes as far back as 1975. Sources include major business and financial newspapers published by Nikkei such as the Nikkei and Nikkei Business Daily.
  • Corporate Profiles - Data compiled for over 20,000 Japanese firms including basic corporate information and financial data.
  • People Search - Data available for more than 200,000 corporate executives, politicians and government officials in Japan.

The main language of this database is Japanese. However, news flashes and article archive searches are also available in English. The sources of the database are reliable Nikkei sources.

Sho no Jiten File (賞の事典) : Comprehensive database of Japanese national and local prizes and awards in science, arts, music, literature and culture. It contains records of more than 3,000 prizes/awards information with a total of 200,000 recipient's biography records. [Search in Japanese only]

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  November 15, 2011
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