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An Annotated Catalog of the Book Exhibition A Bridge Between Cultures: Commemorating the Two-Hundredth Anniversary of Robert Morrison’s Arrival in China

compiled by Mi Chu and Man Shun Yeung ; assisted by Ariele Bernard.-Taibei : Han shi ji Publishing Co., 2007.

Morrison Catalog Cover

As a guide for the book exhibition held on March 15-17, 2007, entitled “A Bridge Between Two Cultures: Commemorating the Two-Hundredth Anniversary of the Life and Work of Robert Morrison,” Dr. Mi Chu and Prof. Man Shun Yeung, with the assistance of Ariele Bernard, compiled an annotated catalog of many rare books by Morrison himself from the Library’s Gamble, Probsthain and Cushing Collections and works by Morrison’s contemporaries. The publishing of this catalog was made possible through the generous support of Thomson Gale, a world leader in e-research and educational publishing for libraries, schools and businesses. Each entry includes a brief description of the work, complete bibliographic information, a photograph of the title page and the location of this book within the Library.

This catalog features Morrison’s own works from the Gamble, Probsthain and Cushing Collections. As a preface to each collection, a brief history of acquisition and summary of the titles within the individual collections is included.

NOTE: The catalog is saved in PDF, or Portable Document Format, and you must have the Adobe Acrobat Viewer in order to view these files. You can determine if you have Adobe Acrobat Viewer by searching your files/folders for "Adobe Acrobat Reader". If you don't have this application, download and install it now.

Morrison Catalog, p. 1 to 15 (PDF, 44MB)

Morrison Catalog, p. 16 to 25 (PDF, 27MB)

Morrison Catalog, p. 26 to 40 (PDF, 32MB)


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  November 15, 2010
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