Poet at Work: Walt Whitman Notebooks 1850s -1860s

About This Collection

Notebooks Lost in 1942 and Found in 1995

Of the notebooks missing from the Harned collection, the ones returned in 1995 are Library of Congress catalog numbered 80, 86, 94, and 101, and the cardboard butterfly is numbered 220. In the Library of Congress illustrated 1954 pamphlet, "Ten Notebooks and a Cardboard Butterfly missing from the Walt Whitman Papers of the Library of Congress," they are numbered 1, 2, 5, 7, and 11. Most of their content was published, based on research done before their disappearance from the Library, in the following: Emory Holloway, The Uncollected Poetry and Prose of Walt Whitman(1921); Clifton Joseph Furness, Walt Whitman's Workshop (1928); and Charles I. Glicksberg, Walt Whitman and the Civil War (1933). The fullest edition of their texts may be found in Walt Whitman: Notebooks and Unpublished Prose Manuscripts, ed. Edward F. Grier (New York University Press, 1984), in volumes 1 and 2 of 6 vols.

—Alice L. Birney, American Literature Specialist, Manuscript Division, Library of Congress