The @urbandictionary account grows daily followers 6.5x by implementing the Follow Button

@jasoncosta Jason Costa
Posted on Wed, 2012-12-05 11:10

A few weeks ago in mid-November, our friends at Urban Dictionary decided to implement the Follow Button across their site. They were looking to integrate more with Twitter, and were curious to see how this small change might affect their follower count. At the time, @urbandictionary was seeing an average follower growth rate of 87 follows a day in the weeks leading up to their implementation of the Follow Button.

Since implementing the Follow Button, on average the @urbandictionary account is seeing a 6.5x increase in new follows every day. In the weeks after their implementation, the @urbandictionary account began seeing an average of 570 follows a day, and gaining up to as many as 1,220 follows on certain days.

Below is a graph illustrating the growth in follows for the @urbandictionary account over the past three months.

The Follow Button is easy to implement, and requires adding just a few lines of HTML and JavaScript to your pages. To get started today, please check out the documentation here.