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Selected Civil War Photographs, 1861-1865
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1[Gettysburg, Pa., vicinity. G.J. White's house]
2[Gettysburg, Pa. View of Little Round Top]
3[Gettysburg, Pa. Breastworks on Little Round Top; Round Top in distance]
4[Gettysburg, Pa. The cemetery gatehouse]
5[Gettysburg, Pa. Headquarters of Gen. George G. Meade on Cemetery Ridge]
6[Gettysburg, Pa. Dead Confederate soldiers in "the devil's den"]
7[Hanover Junction, Pa. Passenger train at depot]
8[Gettysburg, Pa. Alfred R. Waud, artist of Harper's Weekly, sketching on battlefield]
9[Gettysburg, Pa. Breastworks on left wing of the Federal line]
10[Gettysburg, Pa. Headquarters of Gen. Robert E. Lee on the Chambersburg Pike]
11[Gettysburg, Pa. John L. Burns, the "old hero of Gettysburg," with gun and crutches]
12[Gettysburg, Pa. Dead Confederate soldier in Devil's Den]
13[Gettysburg, Pa. Four dead soldiers in the woods near Little Round Top]
14[Gettysburg, Pa. Interior view of breastworks on extreme left of the Federal line]
15[Gettysburg, Pa. The center of the Federal position viewed from Little Round Top]
16[Gettysburg, Pa. The Bryan house on 2d Corps line, near scene of Pickett's Charge]
17[Gettysburg, Pa. Dead Confederate soldiers in the "slaughter pen" at the foot of Little Round Top]
18[Gettysburg, Pa. Three Confederate prisoners]
19[Dedication ceremonies at the Soldiers' National Cemetery, Gettysburg, Pennsylvania]
20[Fairfax Court House, Va. The courthouse]