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Selected Civil War Photographs, 1861-1865
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Photographs containing the exact words 0242-0285:T15.
1[Brandy Station, Va. Two men "discussing the probabilities of the next advance"]
2[Brandy Station, Va. Headquarters of ordnance officers and quartermaster, 3d Division, Cavalry Corps]
3[Brandy Station, Va. Clerks at Army of the Potomac headquarters]
4[Brandy Station, Va., vicinity. Large wagon park]
5[Brandy Station, Va. Gen. Rufus Ingalls on horseback]
6[Brandy Station, Va. Provost marshal clerks at Army of the Potomac headquarters]
7[Brandy Station, Va. Officers in front of winter quarters at Army of the Potomac headquarters]
8[Brandy Station, Va. Headquarters of 1st Brigade, Horse Artillery]
9[Brandy Station, Va. Lt. Col. Orson H. Hart, A.A.G. of 3d Corps, and horse]
10[Brandy Station, Va. Four provost marshals of the 3d Army Corps]
11[Brandy Station, Va. House used as headquarters by Gen. David. B. Birney, commanding 1st Division, 3d Corps]
12[Stevensburg, Va. Gen. Judson Kilpatrick, 3d Division, Cavalry Corps, with ladies and staff members on the porch of headquarters]
13[Brandy Station, Va. Officers and men of Co. K, 1st U.S. Cavalry (1st Division, Cavalry Corps)]
14[Brandy Station, Va. Gen. Rufus Ingalls and staff, Chief Quartermaster, and officers, Army of the Potomac headquarters]
15[Brandy Station, Va. Quarters of Capt. Harry Clinton, quartermaster, Provost Guard]
16[Brandy Station, Va. Wagons and men of the U.S. Military Telegraph Construction Corps]
17[Brandy Station, Va. Chief Engineer's camp; another view]
18[Brandy Station, Va. Dinner party outside tent, Army of the Potomac headquarters]
19[Brandy Station, Va. Guard mount of 114th Pennsylvania Infantry (1st Division, 3d Corps)]
20[Brandy Station, Va. Chief Engineer's camp at Army of the Potomac headquarters]