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Selected Civil War Photographs, 1861-1865
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1[James River, Va. Pontoon bridge]
2[Cold Harbor, Va. View of the battlefield]
3[Cold Harbor, Va, vicinity. W. P. Burnett's house; tents at left]
4[Charles City Court House, Va. Ruins of houses]
5[Hanovertown Ferry, Va. Pontoon bridges across the Pamunkey, with wagons]
6[Mrs. Nelson's Crossing, Va. Ruins of the Richmond and York River Railroad bridge across the Pamunkey, above White House]
7[Charles City Court House, Va. Rear view of the courthouse]
8[Cold Harbor, Va, vicinity. Cavalry horses outside the Old Church Hotel]
9[Cold Harbor, Va. African Americans collecting bones of soldiers killed in the battle]
10[Bethel Church, Va. View of the church, temporary headquarters of Gen. Ambrose E. Burnside]
11[James River, Va. Point where Army of the Potomac crossed in June 1864 (Wyanoke Wharf?)]
12[Fredericksburg, Va. Soldiers filling canteens]
13[Wilcox's Landing, Va., vicinity of Charles City Court House. Field telegraph station]
14[Jericho Mills, Va. View of the Mills and the pontoon bridge from the south bank]
15[Cold Harbor, Va. Photographer's wagon and tent]
16[Mrs. Nelson's Crossing, Va. Pontoon bridge across the Pamunkey, built by the 50th New York Engineers]
17[Spotsylvania Court House, Va., vicinity. Beverly house, headquarters of Gen. Gouverneur K. Warren, 5th Corps]
18[Fredericksburg, Va. Cooking tent of the U.S. Sanitary Commission]
19[Fredericksburg, Va. Wounded from the Battle of the Wilderness]
20[Germanna Ford, Rapidan River, Va. Artillery crossing pontoon bridges]