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Selected Civil War Photographs, 1861-1865
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Photographs containing the exact words 0688-0709:T19.
1[Atlanta, Ga. Ruins of depot, blown up on Sherman's departure]
2[Atlanta, Ga. Federal soldiers relaxing by guns of captured fort]
3[Atlanta, Ga. View on Whitehall Street]
4[Atlanta, Ga., vicinity. Federal pickets before the city]
5[Atlanta, Ga. Soldiers on boxcars at railroad depot]
6[Atlanta, Ga. Wagon train on Marietta Street]
7[Atlanta, Ga. Atlanta Intelligencer office by the railroad depot]
8[Atlanta, Ga. Confederate palisades, on north side of city]
9[Atlanta, Ga. Federal soldiers by gun in captured fort]
10[Atlanta, Ga. Railroad depot; a nearer view]
11[Atlanta, Ga. Boxcars with refugees at railroad depot]
12[Atlanta, Ga. View on Decatur Street, showing Trout House and Masonic Hall]
13[Atlanta, Ga. Confederate palisades and chevaux-de-frise near Potter house]
14[Atlanta, Ga. Railroad depot and yard; Trout House and Masonic Hall in background]
15[Atlanta, Ga. Northward view across the tracks on Whitehall Street, with wagon train]
16[Atlanta, Ga. Chevaux-de-frise on Marietta Street; photographic wagons and darkroom beyond]
17["Auction & Negro Sales," Whitehall Street]
18[Atlanta, Ga. City Hall; camp of 2d Massachusetts Infantry on the grounds]
19[Atlanta, Ga. Gen. William T. Sherman on horseback at Federal Fort No. 7]
20[Atlanta, Ga. The shell-damaged Ponder House]