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Selected Civil War Photographs, 1861-1865
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1[Richmond, Va. Ruined buildings in the burned district]
2[Richmond, Va. Ruins of Mayo's Bridge]
3[Richmond, Va. Monumental Church]
4[Richmond, Va. General view]
5[Richmond, Va. General view of the burned district]
6[Richmond, Va. Side view of Libby Prison]
7[Richmond, Va. Ruins of Mayo's Bridge; the city beyond]
8[Richmond, Va. Ruins of the Gallego Flour Mill; a later view]
9[Richmond, Va. Front and side view of Libby Prison]
10[Richmond, Va. Residence of Jefferson Davis (1201 East Clay Street)]
11[Richmond, Va. Ruins of the Gallego Flour Mill]
12[Richmond, Va. Ruins of Richmond & Petersburg Railroad bridge]
13[Richmond, Va. General view, with ruins, from Gambles Hill]
14[Richmond, Va. Ruins of paper mill with water-wheel]
15[Richmond, Va. City Hall; Sycamore Church beyond (Capitol Street)]
16[Richmond, Va. Residence of Alexander H. Stephens, Vice President, C.S.A.]
17[Richmond, Va. Ruins of paper mill; wrecked paper-making machinery in foreground]
18[Richmond, Va. Grave of Gen. J. E. B. Stuart in Hollywood Cemetery, with temporary marker]
19[Richmond, Va. View of the Tredegar Iron Works, with footbridge to Neilson's Island]
20[Richmond, Va. Haxall & Crenshaw's Flour Mill; Canal lock in foreground]