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Selected Civil War Photographs, 1861-1865
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1[Charleston, S.C. Graveyard of the ruined Circular Church]
2[Charleston, S.C. Orphan Asylum (160 Calhoun Street)]
3[Charleston, S.C. Roper's Hospital; a closer view]
4[Charleston, S.C. Interior view of Castle Pinckney]
5[Charleston, S.C. O'Connor house (180 Broad Street), in which Union officers were confined under fire]
6[Charleston, S.C. The Citadel seen across Marion Square]
7[Charleston, S.C. Meeting Street, near Broad; St. Michael's Church in middle distance]
8[Charleston, S.C. Parapet of Fort Sumter looking toward Morris Island]
9[Charleston, S.C. Fort Sumter, from the sand-bar]
10[Morris Island, S.C. Interior view of Fort Putnam]
11[Charleston, S.C. Archibald McLeish's Vulcan Iron Works and other houses on Cumberland Street]
12[Charleston, S.C. The fire-scarred Mills House; Hibernian Hall at left]
13[Charleston, S.C. Site of the night attack on Fort Sumter, September 8, 1863]
14[Charleston, S.C. Mounted gun, parapet of Fort Moultrie]
15[Charleston, S.C. Gun on the Point Battery]
16[Charleston, S.C. Guns of Fort Johnson; Fort Sumter in distance]
17[Sullivan's Island, S.C. Wreck of blockade-runner near the shore]
18[Sullivan's Island, S.C. Guns at northeast angle of Fort Marshall]
19[Charleston, S.C. Interior view of Fort Johnson, with stacks of shot]
20[Morris Island, S.C. Interior view with mounted gun, Fort Putnam]