Photographs from the Records of the National Woman's Party

Building the Digital Collection

The photographs were scanned by the Information Technology Services Digital Scan Center at the Library of Congress on a Phase One FX 4x5 Scanback, with one 135 mm lens. Scans were done at a 400 dpi custom resolution 24-bit color or at 400 dpi 8-bit grayscale. Grayscale or color was used depending on the original image. Although all original images were monochrome, many had color tones other than black and gray. Color scans were taken of these images to preserve these varying tonal qualities. Three service images were produced from an uncompressed TIFF master file: high and low resolution JPEGs and a GIF thumbnail.

Some of the more fragile photographs were scanned while housed within mylar sleeves to minimize damage from handling. The project production team and the ITS Digital Scan Center worked with the Library's conservators to ensure proper handling of the photographs during digitization.

Like the original photographs, the digital images show signs of fading, discoloration, tears, and other aspects that have come with age and handling. The National Woman's Party used the images for publication purposes and therefore often made editorial marks (such as crop marks or inking in) on the original prints. These marks were retained. Paper captions affixed to some of the photographs have been cropped out of the digital images.