Photographs from the Records of the National Woman's Party


Janice E. Ruth and Barbara Bair, Manuscript Division historical specialists, conceived of and proposed this National Woman’s Party (NWP) project. They selected the images presented and worked with the project coordinator to design framework presentations. They researched and wrote the historical content and narratives for the supporting framework, provided detailed descriptions of the photographs, and aided in data entry.

Margaret Alessi Mason, digital conversion specialist, project coordinator, was responsible for the project design and production plan, digitization of the photographs, image quality review, deposit of images into a digital repository, creation of database records, and rights clearance. She also provided supporting framework text for the Web site.

Christopher Copetas, digital conversion specialist, provided important support during the course of the project. He completed extensive work in rights clearance, assisted the specialists in content research, and provided research reference in identifying and dating the photographs.

Deborah Thomas and Michael Neubert, digital conversion projects coordinators, provided guidance on production issues.

Various digital conversion staff made significant contributions to the project throughout production. Christa Maher developed the production database and Colleen Byrne Wallace was responsible for the Web page design and final production. Dave Woodward and Barak Stussman managed the programming of indexing and the display of documents.

Andrea Matles Savada edited the framework materials.

Thanks also to Phil Michel, Mary Ison, Helena Zinkham, Arden Alexander, and Barbara Orbach Natanson, Prints and Photographs Division, for their invaluable support and advice about scanning photographs, permissions issues, and cataloging.

Maureen Harrington and Michael Hughes, Office of the General Counsel, provided guidance and direction for copyright issues for the NWP photographs.

Dana Hemmenway, Conservation Division, evaluated and repaired photographs requiring treatment. Mike Fitzella, Office of Strategic Initiatives, served as conservation liaison.

The Information Technology Services Digital Scan Center at the Library of Congress digitized the NWP photographs. Special acknowledgment goes to Lloyd Carter and Domenic Sergi.

We are grateful to the National Woman's Party for donating in 1941 and in 1979 the 448 photographs reproduced on this Web site as well as the more than 438,000 items contained in the NWP records held in the Library’s Manuscript Division. Thanks to Amy Conroy, Jennifer Spencer, and Lana Lawrence of the Sewall-Belmont House and Museum (external link), the NWP's historic headquarters, for their support and encouragement.