My, What Big Teeth You Have! Threatening Objects Appear Closer

It’s no surprise that we want to get as far away as we can from things that seem threatening, whether it’s a hairy spider or an angry mob. Now new research suggests that our visual perception may be biased in ways that help to motivate us to get out of harm’s way. More>


New Research on Emotion From Psychological Science

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Experiencing Discrimination Increases Risk-Taking, Anger, and Vigilance

Experiencing rejection not only affects how we think and feel -- over the long-term it can also influence our physical and mental health. New research suggests that when rejection comes… More>

Q&A on Regifting With Gabrielle Adams

Gabrielle Adams is an assistant professor of organizational behavior at London Business School. Her research interests include morality and ethical behavior, as well as human behavior.


APS Announces Inaugural Issue of New Journal, Clinical Psychological Science

The Association for Psychological Science and SAGE Publications are pleased to announce the inaugural issue of Clinical Psychological Science (CPS), a unique new journal that highlights cutting-edge research in the… More>

Reappraisal Defuses Strong Emotional Responses to Israel-Palestine Conflict

Reappraisal is a widely-used cognitive strategy that can help people to regulate their reactions to emotionally charged events. Now, new research suggests that reappraisal may even be effective in changing… More>

Research Explores How Children Reason, Think About Others

New research published in Psychological Science explores how reasoning and perspective-taking develop in childhood.