The Zora Neale Hurston Plays at the Library of Congress


Alice Lotvin Birney, Manuscript Division literary specialist, worked with digital conversion staff in the planning and completion of the project and wrote descriptive narratives for the Web site.

Margaret Alessi Mason, digital conversion specialist, was responsible for the project design and production plan for digitization of the collection and coordinated the overall production of the Hurston plays scanning project. She also provided supporting framework text for the Web site.

Christopher Copetas, digital conversion specialist, provided invaluable support during the course of the project. He coordinated the digitization of the plays from the Music Division and Rare Books and Special Collections Division, performed image quality review, and deposited delivered images into the digital repository.  He also coordinated the addition of searchable transcripts to the collection.

Deborah Thomas, digital conversion projects coordinator, provided guidance on production issues.

Various OSI (Office of Strategic Initiatives) and DCT (Digital Conversion Team) staff made significant contributions to the project throughout production. Christa Maher developed the production database. Jurretta Jordan Heckscher and Andrea Matles Savada edited the framework materials. Steve McCollum coordinated and performed the OCR (Optical Character Recognition) process on the transcripts. Tracey Salley and Colleen Wallace were responsible for Web page design and final production. Timothy Harker and Barak Stussman managed the programming of indexing and the display of documents.  Timberly Wuester provided assistance in the production phase of this project.

Rosemary Fry Plakas in the Rare Books and Special Collections Division and Walter W. Zvonchenko, Vicky J. Risner, and Henry J. Grossi in the Music Division, assisted during the review and scanning of the Hurston plays.

The Office of the General Counsel provided guidance and direction for copyright issues on the Hurston plays.

In the Conservation Office, Alan Haley evaluated, rehoused, and repaired the plays.

The Information Technology Services Digital Scan Center at the Library of Congress digitized the Hurston plays. Special acknowledgment goes to Lisa Cope, Domenic Sergi, Karl Rogers, Christopher Pohlhaus, Tanya Pearson, and Lynn Brooks.