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    • 1891-1960

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Zora Neale Hurston Chronology: 1891-1960



January: Moves to New York City

July: Registers play Meet the Mamma for copyright

Wins Opportunity magazine contest for short story, "Spunk," and play, "Color Struck"

Works for author Fannie Hurst

Enters Barnard College on scholarship


Studies with anthropologist Franz Boas at Columbia University


Receives Carter Woodson Association fellowship

Goes south to collect folklore

May 19: Marries Herbert Sheen, St. Augustine, Florida

Acquires patronage of Charlotte Osgood Mason


January: Separates from Sheen

March: Moves to Polk County, Florida

May: Receives Bachelor of Arts degree from Barnard College

Goes to New Orleans to collect hoodoo folklore


Revises folklore manuscript in Florida


Fannie Hurst

descriptive record icon enlarge image icon Portrait of Fannie Hurst. Carl Van Vechten, photographer. March 16, 1938. From the Carl Van Vechten Photograph Collection.