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2 items available

  1. Albert Einstein's handwritten draft report, in German, on theoretical physics, with English transcription of same, 23 October 1937 (John Von Neumann Papers).

  2. Letter, Franklin D. Roosevelt to J. Robert Oppenheimer thanking the physicist and his colleagues for their ongoing secret atomic research, 29 June 1943 (J. Robert Oppenheimer Papers).

3 items available

  1. Letter, Wilbur Wright to Octave Chanute concerning the Wright brothers' aviation experiments, 13 May 1900 (Octave Chanute Papers).

  2. Telegram, Orville Wright to Bishop Milton Wright announcing the first successful powered flight, 17 December [1903] (Wright Brothers Papers).

  3. Amelia Earhart's palm print and analysis of her character prepared by Nellie Simmons Meier, 28 June 1933 (Nellie Simmons Meier Collection).

2 items available

  1. Letter, Elizabeth Blackwell to Baroness Anne Isabella Milbanke Byron concerning women's rights and the education of women physicians, 4 March 1851 (Blackwell Family Papers).

  2. Prescription written by Sigmund Freud for the wife of Sergius Pankejeff, the patient known as the "Wolf-Man," 22 November 1919 (Sigmund Freud Collection).

4 items available

  1. Letter, Thomas Jefferson to Benjamin Banneker expressing his belief that blacks possess talents equal to those of "other colours of men," 30 August 1791 (Thomas Jefferson Papers).

  2. Manuscript map, probably made by a French voyageur, of Indian lands of eastern Wisconsin, when part of Michigan Territory, annotated by Henry Rowe Schoolcraft, ca. 1831 (Henry Rowe Schoolcraft Papers).

  3. "Plan of the Ancient Works at Marietta, Ohio," by Charles Whittlesey, 1837 (E. G. Squier Papers).

  4. Letter, Margaret Mead to her grandmother Martha Ramsay Mead discussing her decision to retain her maiden name, 7 December 1923 (Margaret Mead Papers).

9 items available

  1. Thomas Jefferson's drawing of a macaroni machine and instructions for making pasta, ca. 1787 (Thomas Jefferson Papers).

  2. Thomas Jefferson's design for a plow, ca. 1794 (Thomas Jefferson Papers).

  3. John Fitch's sketch and description of piston for steamboat propulsion, ca. 1795 (John Fitch Papers in the Peter Force Papers).

  4. Samuel F. B. Morse's colored sketch of railway telegraph, ca. 1838 (Samuel Finley Breese Morse Papers).

  5. First telegraph message, 24 May 1844 (Samuel Finley Breese Morse Papers).

  6. Alexander Graham Bell's design sketch of the telephone, ca. 1876 (Alexander Graham Bell Family Papers).

  7. "Autumn," poem by Helen Keller, 27 October 1893 (Alexander Graham Bell Family Papers).

  8. Plate, punch card, and instructions for Herman Hollerith's Electric Sorting and Tabulating Machine, ca. 1895 (Herman Hollerith Papers).

  9. Lee De Forest's schematic diagrams and scientific notes on hotel stationery, ca. 1915 (Lee De Forest Papers).

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