Get the most out of your reports

We've brought together the information we think you'll find most useful. Take a moment to configure your account and use this checklist as a reference to getting the most out of Google Analytics. Our help center has answers to frequently asked questions and help on how to set up your tracking code.

Getting Started

Install tracking code: Install your tracking code and view reports within 24 hours.

Set up goals: Identify what key actions you want to track, conversion rates for ads, marketing initiatives, ecommerce or more. Set up goals to measure your effectiveness.

Working with Report Data: Explore your data and learn how to read basic reports.

Maximizing Online Advertising & Ecommerce

Link to AdWords: Monitor your AdWords revenue, conversions, and ROI. Watch this short video to learn how.

Link AdSense Got an AdSense account to monetize your site? Link your AdSense and Google Analytics accounts to gain more insight into your AdSense performance. Find out which pages and referrers generate the most revenue, and optimize your site's performance using AdSense Reports.

Optimize keywords: Watch videos to learn how to get the most value from your advertising spend.

Tag campaigns: Track conversions on banner ads, email marketing, and other marketing initiatives.

Track Ecommerce: Link ecommerce performance to keywords and marketing campaigns for details on ROI and more.

Exploring Advanced Features

Advanced Segmentation: Create and use custom segments to isolate and analyze specific parts of your traffic.

Custom Reporting: Use the drag-and-drop interface to create reports with the metrics and dimensions you want.

Flash Tracking: Simplified tracking for Adobe Flash, Flex and AS3 content.

Create customized email reports: Send regularly scheduled reports to stakeholders within your company.