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These titles are mostly first-person accounts of life in Connecticut collected during the Great Depression. The WPA project categories include: CLOCKMAKERS OF THOMASTON; LIVING LORE IN NEW ENGLAND; RELIGIOUS LIFE IN BRIDGEPORT; KNIFEMAKERS OF THOMASTON AND NORTHFIELD; VITA CACCIOLA, THE ITALIAN COBBLER; and PEOPLE OF BRIDGEPORT.

Subjects include: OCCUPATIONS, including clockmaking, knifemaking, millworkers, firefighters, foresters, ministers, cobblers, labor disputes (strikes), women in knife manufacturing, unemployment and chain stores; IMMIGRANT EXPERIENCE, including nationalities, manners and mores, dialects, and food; POLITICS, including World Wars I and II; MEDICINE, including folk medicine, hospital care, and cost of medical care; LOCAL HISTORY AND GENEALOGY; RELIGION; and RECREATION, including sports and pets. Pseudonyms are frequently substituted for informants' names.

Interviews were conducted by project workers Francis Conovan, Robert Guanino, Merton R. Lovett, M. V. Rourke, P. K. Russo, M. G. Sayers, and William J. Smallwood.

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