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These titles are mostly first-person accounts of life in North Carolina collected during the Great Depression. The WPA project categories include: TEXTILE WORKERS, AFRO-AMERICAN PROFESSIONALS and FARMWORKERS.

Subjects include: ATTITUDES AND BELIEFS, including religion, education and literacy, politics, voting, and women's suffrage, alcohol, race relations, marriage and home ownership; OCCUPATIONS (of Afro-American professionals), including an artist, dentist, newspaperman, lawyer, minister, banker, beautician, salesman, farmers, sharecroppers, tenant farmers, merchants, watchmaker, bootlegger, textile workers, sheriff, midwife and obstetrician and a hotel proprietor; DAILY LIFE, including home furnishings, sports/recreation, movies and movie stars, effects of the Depression, family relations, food, courtship and child rearing; FOLKLORE, including dialects; and LOCAL HISTORY, including World War I veterans and a former slave.

Places described include Charlotte, Asheville, Wake Forest, Kannapolis, Newton, and Brevard.

Interviews were conducted by project workers Louise L. Abbitt, James Beaman, Cora Bennett, Mary P. Brown, Beth Cannady, Douglas Carter, Stnaley Combs, Omar Darrow, Ethel Deal, Claude Dunnagan, William Hennessee, A. W. Long, Luline L. Mabray, Frank Massimino, T. Pat Mathews, Adyleen Merrick, Albert North, Katherine Palmer, James Larkin Pearson, Frank B. Rupert, W. O. Sanders, Annie Winn Stevens, Robert V. Williams, Mary P. Wilson, and Muriel L. Wolf.

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