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These titles are mostly first-person accounts of life in Nebraska collected during the Great Depression. The WPA project categories include AFRO-AMERICAN HISTORY and PIONEER HISTORY.

Subjects include: POLITICS, including campaigns/elections, songs, parties (Populist Party), and Lincoln-Douglas debate; RELIGION, including weddings, funerals, revivals, music, cemeteries and Mormons; FOLKLORE, including superstitions, ghost stories, tall tales, weather lore, water witching, and folk medicine; LOCAL HISTORY, including outlawry (Wild Bill Hickock, Buffalo Bill Cody, Jesse James), pioneer stories houses, weather, fear of Indians), Civil War veterans, former slaves, and natural occurrences such as weather (blizzards, drought), fires, grasshoppers, and snakes; IMMIGRATION AND ETHNICITY, including Russians, Poles, Germans, Norwegians, English, Irish and Cheyenne, Sioux and Pawnee Indians; SOCIAL ACTIVITIES/RECREATION, including music, folksongs, square dances and calls, "literaries," "medicine shows," poetry, ice skating, holiday celebrations, and Emancipation; and OCCUPATIONS, including cowboys, railroad workers, farmers and cooks.

Interviews were conducted by project workers Harley Anderson, Albert Burks, Wilbur Cummings, Fred Dixon, Ira Dugan, J.A. Haggart, Henry Hahn, George Hartman, E. E. Holm, Bessie Jollensten, Frederick W. Kaul, L. A. Rollins, Stanley A. Kula, Cecile Larson, Fay Levos, Alma Miller, Eilert Mohlman, Harold J. Moss, Edna Pearson, Warnock Stewart, Richard Wait, Ruby E. Wilson, Jennie Everhart, Emma Milligan, Arthur T. Ricard and Mrs. N.W. Thomasen.

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