The Foreign Affairs Oral History Collection of the Association for Diplomatic Studies and Training


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Frontline Diplomacy was developed as a collaboration between the Association for Diplomatic Studies and Training and the Library of Congress.

Charles Stuart Kennedy, director, ADST Foreign Affairs Oral History Collection and co-founder of the program.

Victor Wolf, co-founder, Foreign Affairs Oral History Collection.

Directors of Special Oral History Projects: James T. L. Dandridge, Bunche minority officers; Jewell Fenzi, spouses; Don R. Kienzle, labor officers; Ann Miller Morin, women ambassadors; W. Haven North, foreign assistance officers; and David Reuther, Asia chiefs of mission.

Dayton Mak, volunteer, created table of contents for each interview.

Oral History Assistants: Jan Fisher Bachman, Marilyn J. Bentley, and Marie H. Warner.

ADST Executive Directors: Richard Jackson, John Miller, L. W. Koengeter, Veda Engel, Jack Zetkulic, Marilyn Bruno, Daniel Whitman, Les McBee, Vicente Valle, John Naland, Lonnie Kelley (acting), James Warren, and Chris Sibilla.

ADST Presidents: Richard B. Parker, Thomas D. Boyatt, Stephen Low, Edward M. Rowell, and Kenneth L. Brown.

Transcribers: Laura Altizer, Karen Applegate, Hooman Bakhtiar, Boni Bender-Klosson, Benjamin S. Bentley, Elizabeth Fowler Beuter, Julie Byrne, Thomas F. Conlon, Sally Culter, Gerry D’Antonio, Eveline Damewood, Denise Dobbins, Jennifer Dodson, Johanna Donovan, Karen Farris, Carol Hagans, Charlotte P. Harrell, Marion Henderson, Ellen McKibben Johnson, Ann Julian, Gail M. Lauderdale, Jennifer Lukas, Carla K. Mastin, Tori McCaffrey, Kathy Reeves Miller, Lori Ann Nicholson, Judy C. Nunnally, Beverly O’Brien, J. Opsted-Aleshire, Linda M. Parisi, Diane Pascoe, Megan Beyer Plant, Patricia Quinn, Cat Reuther, Diane Rogers, Linda Sanders, Carolyne Schroeder, Teresa Schulte, Noel Sherman, Ivana Sirovic, Mary Speer, Amy Struble, David Swain, Erik L. Sundquist, Alice Tanoue, Katy Taylor, Maggie Tauranac, Catherine Verdier, James M. Verdier, Ying Wang, Marie Warner, Jeanine M. Webb, Colleen Widdison, Twana N. Willis, Robert Windsor, and Mildred Young.

Editors: John T. Bennett, William J. Dietrich, Robert B. Duncan, Thomas J. Dunnigan, Michael Mahoney, William D. Morgan, David Reuther, and Thomas R. Stern.

Lead Oral History Interviewers: Thomas J. Dunnigan, Raymond Ewing, Hope McBride Meyers, William D. Morgan, G. Lewis Schmidt, Melbourne Spector, Thomas R. Stern, Hans Tuch, Mary Louise Weiss, Morris Weisz, and Monique Wong.

Interviewers: Frederick Aandahl, Robert Amerson, Willis Armstrong, Albert Atwood, Patricia Barbis, Donald Barnes, Joan Bartlett, Quenton Bates, Lane Beatty, Charles R. Beecham, Scott Behoteguy, Thomas Bowie, William D. Brewer, Jeff Broadwater, William Burr, Samuel Butterfield, Frances M Caterini, Charles Christian, Dr. Chung, Fred A. Coffey, Kenneth Colton, Milton Colvin, Thomas F. Conlon, Lee Cotterman, David Courtwright, Virginia Crawford, William R. Crawford, William J. Cunningham, Sally Cutler, Arthur Day, Dwight Dickinson, Edward Dillery, Annabel Ebersole, Peter Eicher, Roger Ernst, Thomas S. Estes, Gordon W. Evans, Ed Findlay, Benis Frank, Shelly Getchell, Ted Gittinger, Stanley I. Grand, Arbor W. Gray, David Greenlee, Cliff Groce, Larry Hall, Kirstin Hamblin, Allen Hansen, Samuel F. Hart, Francine Haughey, George High, Lewis Hoffacker, Richard Jackson, Alan James, Peter Jessup, Niel M. Johnson, David Jones, Allen Hansen, John Harter, Ashley C. Hewitt, James O. Howard, John Hutchison, Ray Ioanes, Ruth Kahn, John Kean, Susan Klingaman, William E. Knight, Michael L. Krenn, Dennis Kux, Penne Laingen, Arthur Lowrie, Michael Mahoney, Dayton Mak, Robert J. Martens, James D. Mason, Henry E. Mattox, Paul D. McCusker, John A. McKesson, Kristie Miller, Robert Miller, William Miller, Harry Missildine, Peter Moffat, Malcolm M. Mosing, William W. Moss, Edward W. Mulcahy, Lillian P. Mullen, Allan Mustard, Mrs. H. A. Musty, Richard Nethercut, Pat Nieburg, Patricia Norland, Jennifer Nyberg, Jack O’Brien, James S. Pacy, Ronald Palmer, Frank Pavich, George Payne, Anner R. Philips, Marian Phillips, Dorothy Pierce, Bert Potts, Henry Precht, Dorothy Robins-Mowry, James E. Ross, Henry B. Ryan, Leonard Saccio, Ray Sadler, Robert D. Schulzinger, James Shea, Earl W. Sherman, Michael Springman, Patricia Squire, Tina Squire, Michael Sterner, Jim Strassmaier, Pamela M. Stratton, Margaret Sullivan, Sue Swanson, Charles Taber, Malcolm Thompson, W. Garth Thorburn, Emily Thurber, Arthur Tienken, Horace Torbert, Theresa Tull, Lois Turco, Stuart van Dyke, Dimitri Villard, Herbert Weiner, Dan Whitman, Mark F. Wilkinson, Earl Wilson, and Hank Zivitz.

John Haynes, Library of Congress Manuscript Division specialist, oversaw the production process, provided content expertise and wrote descriptive text for the Web site.

Christopher W. Copetas, digital conversion specialist, coordinated production of Frontline Diplomacy. He was responsible for a variety of activities, creation and maintenance of database records, framework text, SGML conversion, quality review, and rights clearance.

Margaret Alessi Mason, digital conversion specialist, played a part in the planning stage of the project, created database records, and provided support and direction throughout the production process. She also provided guidance on numerous digitization, research, and copyright issues.

Christa Maher and Elizabeth Madden created and maintained a production database for the project.

Laura Graham, Office of Strategic Initiatives, directed the SGML conversion process and provided guidance on various data issues.

Andrea Matles Savada, Collections and Services, edited framework materials.

Barak Stussman, Information Technology Services (ITS), was responsible for programming the indexing and display of documents.

Colleen Byrne, Office of Strategic Initiatives Web Services, provided Web site design and final production.

Felice Cherry, Maureen Harrington, Michael Hughes, Kate Manuel, Meredith Skowronski, and Emily Vartanian, Office of the General Counsel, provided guidance for copyright issues.