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Search for words or phrases:

  • Single Term -- Enter single term into the search box and press [search].
    -- retrieves items containing the single term
  • Mulitple Terms -- Enter multiple words into the search box and press [search].
    -- retrieves items containing both words (like Boolean AND operator)
  • Multiple Terms in Exact Order (Phrase) -- Place quotation marks around the words (in exact order) and press [search].
    For example: to search for United States --> enter "united states"
    -- retrieves items containing both words in exact order

Use wildcards:

If you are unsure about the exact spelling of a search term, or wish to expand your search to retrieve multiple terms, use wildcard characters.

  • Single Character Wildcard -- Replace a single letter within a term with the question mark (?) For example: to search for text or test --> enter te?t.
    -- retrieves items matching the term, where the ? can be any character.
  • Multiple Character Wildcard -- Replace a multiple letters within a term with a asterisk (*) For example: to search for smith or smithson --> enter smith*
    -- retrieves items that match the original term with 0 or more characters where the asterisk was placed.

Please Note: do not use the asterisk (*) or question mark (?) symbol as the first character of a search term.

Need More Help?

If you'd like more help with searching or have other questions about the items in these collections, please Contact Us.

Home » Search Results
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  October 26, 2011
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