Miller NAWSA Suffrage Scrapbooks, 1897-1911


From the Rare Book & Special Collections Division

Rosemary Fry Plakas, the American curator of the Rare Book and Special Collections Division, provided overall direction. This project was initiated by Plakas when she was awarded the Krasnoff Gift Fund for the James H. Billington Award in support of research towards an interpretative essay and digitization of the Elizabeth Smith Miller and Anne Fitzhugh Miller scrapbooks. Plakas' essay is presented in the Features section of this collection. She is also responsible for the intellectual description of the scrapbook records which provide detailed notes on the subject, genre, dates, provenance and title entries for all items in the scrapbooks. This level of description provides an invaluable finding aid for the materials in this online scrapbook collection.

Elizabeth Gettins, team leader of Digital Collections in the Rare Book and Special Collections Division, led and coordinated the overall production of this collection.

Mark Alan Williams, digital conversion specialist for the Rare Book and Special Collections Division, provided transcriptions of all handwritten items in the collection and converted them into SGML. He also provided quality review of scans, created crops and JPG derivatives and sought copyright permissions.

Division and Reading Room Staff

George Chiassion, Tamikia Epperson, Clark Evans, Callie Mosley, David Robinson, and Walter Walden provided assistance in locating materials as well as assisting with reading room procedures.


Calvin Chase of Systems Integration Group (SIG), digitized 3/4 of the collection. Upon conclusion of the SIG contract, Joel Kaufman from the Library's Digital Scan Center served as the leader and completed the digitization with the help of others, including Jade Curtis, Christopher Polhaus and Domenic Sergi.

Record Description

Christine Pruzin provided detailed measurement information for the records.


David Woodward served as the technical programmer for the entire collection.

Christa Maher created and maintained the production database, advised on the creation of Non-MARC records in the collection, and ensured accuracy of the data.

Various technical consultants provided indispensable support to the project throughout planning and production. Elizabeth Madden, Christa Maher and Timberly Wuester provided the records database and gave continual advice and support on data manipulation and transfer. Steve McCollum, Aaron Chaletzky and Mike Fitzella ran the OCR on the scrapbooks and provided general OCR direction. David Brooks and Aaron Chaletzky coordinated and tracked the receipt of image batches from the scanning contractor. Deb Thomas aided in collaboration with technical issues and overall production. Elizabeth Madden collaborated with Information Technology Services and obtained server space as well as creating a meaningful hierarchy and file naming system for the collection.

Aaron Chaletzky also created crops for many of the items in the scrapbooks.


Alan Haley and Lynn Kidder were the conservators for this project.


Caroline Arms provided overall cataloging guidance.


Emily Vartanian advised on copyright issues for the newspaper articles in the scrapbooks and also on the family tree photographs used in the Family Tree presentation.

Web Design and Editing

Colleen Byrne Wallace designed the Web pages and graphics for the collection and Andrea Matles Savada served as editor.