Miller NAWSA Suffrage Scrapbooks, 1897-1911


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Scrapbook Organization

Textual evidence suggests that Anne Fitzhugh Miller compiled these seven scrapbooks. Labels on envelopes, scrapbook notes, and most of the indexes are in her hand.

The overall organization of each volume is chronological. Except for the large first volume, which covers several years' activities, subsequent volumes span two chronological years, usually beginning with the coverage of the annual New York State Woman Suffrage Association convention in October, followed by coverage of the monthly programs of the Geneva Political Equality Club year, from November through May. Anne's attempts to group items by subject within the volumes sometimes created smaller chronologies that are not in strict chronological order.

The layout and assembly of the scrapbooks speak to the tempo of the movement that they chronicled. Even as the record was being created additional materials arrived for inclusion. Occasionally notes reference additional related material affixed later in the volume. There are also multiple blank pages scattered throughout the volumes. These characteristics suggest that parts of the scrapbooks were assembled before all the material on a given subject had been collected and that there were miscalculations in space allotments. Further, material on recurring subjects, for example, legislative hearings or convention reports, are sometimes placed in the wrong year. This placement suggests that sometimes material was collected for more than a year before it was assembled in the scrapbooks.

— Rosemary Fry Plakas, July, 2005