All-new design.

It doesn’t seem possible. That an iPhone with so much — a larger display, a faster chip, ultrafast wireless technology, an 8MP iSight camera — could be so thin and so light. But it is. In fact, iPhone 5 is the thinnest and lightest iPhone ever.

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Brilliant 4-inch Retina display.

The 4-inch Retina display lets you see more of everything. And everything you see is vivid and lifelike. It’s a larger, more beautiful canvas made the right way. Because even though the display is bigger, iPhone 5 is the same width as iPhone 4S. So it’s just as easy to use with one hand.

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Ultrafast wireless.

With support for the latest wireless technologies, iPhone 5 connects to more networks all over the world.* And Wi-Fi is faster, too. So you can browse, download, and stream content at remarkable speeds, wherever you happen to be.

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Powerful A6 chip.

The all-new Apple-designed A6 chip in iPhone 5 is powerful but not power hungry. CPU performance and graphics performance are up to twice as fast as on the A5 chip. But even with all that speed, iPhone 5 gives you outstanding battery life.

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