The Rochambeau Map Collection


This project could not have taken place without the valuable assistance of the Geography and Map Division specialists, reference staff, cataloging staff, and collection maintenance team. All these people, as well as staff members from the Digital Conversion Group, contributed time and effort to help locate, catalog, and preserve items shown in this presentation. The Conservation Division, Preservation Directorate, also contributed in stabilizing numerous deteriorating items.

Diane Schug-O'Neill, digital conversion specialist, Library Services, was responsible for scanning, image processing, and bibliographic record upgrade.

George I. Barnaj, processing technician, prepared items for scanning.

Colleen R. Cahill, digital conversion coordinator, Geography and Map Division, coordinated project production.

Patricia Molen van Ee, specialist, cartographic history, Geography and Map Division, provided curatorial assistance as did John R. HĂ©bert, chief, Geography and Map Division.

Andrea Matles Savada, Collections and Services, edited the collection’s framing materials.

Colleen Byrne Wallace designed the Web pages.

David Woodward, Information Technology Services, was the primary programmer for the collection.