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Geography of Christmas

Sunday December 23, 2012

Geography of ChristmasChristmas is a historic holiday that blends ancient pagan customs with the more recent universal traditions of Christianity. It is also an interesting trip around the world, a geographic story that originated in many places. Learn about the geography of Christmas in this latest article from geographer Brian Baskerville.

The Decline of Detroit

Sunday December 16, 2012

DetroitDuring the mid-20th century, Detroit was the fourth largest city in the United States with a population of over 1.85 million people. It was a thriving metropolis that embodied the American Dream - a land of opportunity and growth. Today, Detroit has become a symbol of urban decay. Geographer and Michigander Ping Zhou explores the decline of the Motor City in his latest article.

Food Deserts

Saturday December 15, 2012

GroceryFood deserts refer to geographic areas where people do not have easy access to food retailers. The concept mostly refers to a deficit of supermarkets or grocers in a neighborhood, so people have to travel a long distance to purchase food, or rely on fast food or convenience stores. It also connects to other barriers to food access such as affordability, and public health concerns such as obesity and related health problems. Read Juliet Jacobs' latest article on Food Deserts to learn about these unique geographic regions.

Geography of BBQ

Tuesday December 11, 2012

BBQ GeographyIt might be just over a week before winter begins in the Northern Hemisphere but it's never too cold to be thinking about a delicious BBQ! Geographer Brian Baskerville explores the delightful quintessentially American form of cooking known as BBQ - it's geographic origins, its geographic diffusion, and where and what type of BBQ dishes are popular. Learn all about the history and geography of BBQ from this latest article. Yum!

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