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“No one (at least none of the people I know) likes to dwell too extensively on the subject of ‘why we’re here’…” (Correspondence, 3/5/1966)

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   Larry Michael Jordan
Image of Larry Michael Jordan
Larry Michael Jordan in uniform, Naval Air Station (NAS) Pensacola, Florida [1964]
War: Vietnam War, 1961-1975
Branch: Navy
Unit: VAH-4 (Heavy Attack Squadron), USS Kitty Hawk (CVA 63)
Service Location: Pensacola, Florida; Corpus Christi, Texas; Whidbey Island, Washington; Pacific; Southeast Asia
Rank: Lieutenant Commander
Place of Birth: WY
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Drafted into the Navy two weeks before his college graduation, Lieutenant Commander Larry Michael Jordan was serving aboard the USS Kitty Hawk in 1966. Known as Mike to his family and fellow servicemen, he was returning to the Kitty Hawk from the Philippines when his plane was shot down over China on April 12, 1966. Along with his crew, he was declared as Missing in Action. His VHP collection includes letters he sent to his family during the early days of his service, as well as poignant reminiscences from his wife (pregnant with twins at the time he was shot down) and his daughter. Taken as a group, the material paints a haunting picture of the loss and lingering questions that military families experience when a servicemember goes missing.

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 Creative Works
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 Official Documents
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 Personal Correspondence
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 Memoirs (2 items)
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 Official Documents (49 items)
Telegram informing Jordan's family of his MIA status Telegram providing further information to Jordan's relatives about his MIA status Government Memorandum [4/28/1961]
Letter designating Ensign Larry M. Jordan as a Naval Aviation Observer [9/4/1964] Open Letter to the Wives and Families of Detachment Charlie [2/22/1966] Letter informing Mr. and Mrs. Harold Blair Jordan informing them that Larry Jordan is MIA [4/1966]
Letter providing additional information about Larry Jordan's MIA status [4/1966] Letter from L.R. Everett to Mrs. L.M. Jordan [4/17/1966] Letter from H.L. Jenkins to Mrs. Janet Jordan [6/14/1966]
Letter from F.E. Bakutis [1/9/1968] Letter from the Chief of Naval Operations [11/25/1970] Letter from Special Assistant for PW Matters [4/6/1972]
Letter from Special Assistant for PW Matters [4/18/1972] Letter from Captain Harrison, Director Personal Services Division of the Department of the Navy [12/8/1972] Letter from the Chief of Naval Personnel [4/10/1973]
Telegram reporting that Larry Jordan may have been killed in action [11/20/1973] Letter from the Chief of Naval Operations [11/28/1973] Letter from the Secretary of the Navy [12/7/1973]
Letter from the Vice Admiral, USN, David H. Bagley [1/18/1974] Letter from the Assistant Secretary of the Navy E. Hidalgo [1/18/1979] Translated letter from Han Xu
Letter from W.S. Reed, Jr., Commander U.S.N. [1/10/1985] Letter from W.S. Reed, Jr., Commander U.S.N [4/2/1985] Letter from M.S. Debien, Captain U.S.N. [12/2/1992]
Copy of a POW/MIA Newsletter Application for Commission or Warrant Rank, U.S.N. or Naval Reserve Statement of Personal History
Certificate of Clearance Photocopy of Officer Photograph Submission Sheet Photocopy of certificate appointing Jordan as a Reserve Officer
Summary and Circumstances of Loss of Aircraft and Crew [4/12/1966] Chronological synopsis of reports regarding the loss of aircraft [4/12/1966] Summary Statement by CDR William Glasson [4/1966]
Summary Statement by Maintenance Chief Schaeffer [4/1966] Summary Statement by LTJG R.A. Williams [4/1966] Summary Statement by LCDR Robert L. Francke [4/1966]
Memo concerning the inconclusive evidence regarding the fate of Jordan and fellow airmen Photocopy of a Western Union Telegram [4/19/1966] Photocopy of a New York Times article "Red China: U.S. Plane Shot Down"
Unclassified document, including photocopies of photographs, detailing known information about the crash of Jordan's plane Photocopy of partial letter to Mrs. Jordan [9/4/1968] Memo to Chief of Naval Personnel regarding the return of POW film [9/18/1972]
A-3 Aircraft Lost in Vicinity of China on 12 April 1966 Memo concerning LCDR Jordan's MIA status [11/14/1973] News clipping from 1973: "Jordans Wait and Pray for Son Shot Down in 1966"
"Finding of Death" in regards to Larry Jordan [11/19/1973] Official narrative of the crash of the Navy A3B aircraft in which Jordan was flying Account of Maj. Phillip Smith, a POW, regarding the crash of a Navy Aircraft which he heard about in a POW camp in Peking
Unclassified document regarding National POW/MIA Recognition Day [9/16/1988]  
 Personal Correspondence (14 items)
Photocopy of two postcards from 1964 Photocopy of a letter to the H.B. Jordans Photocopy of a letter to Meggan Jordan
Photocopy of a letter to James and Margaret Jordan Photocopy of a page from a letter [1966] Photocopy of a letter [3/15/1966]
Letter from Congressman Larry LaRocco [2/4/1991] Letter from Senator Steve Symms [2/15/1991] Letter from Janet Jordan to First Lady Barbara Bush [1991]
Photocopy of a letter from President Nixon [11/1973] Photocopy of a letter from E.R. Zumwalt, Jr., Admiral, U.S. Navy [11/28/1973] Photocopy of a letter from David H. Bagley, Vice Admiral, U.S. Navy [11/30/1973]
Photocopy and translation of a letter in Chinese from Han Xu, Director of the Americas and Oceania Dept., Ministry of Foreign Affairs for the People's Republic of China [4/22/1980] Photocopy of a letter to Janet Jordan from John G. Colgan [1/30/1979] 
 Other Materials (12 items)
Letter and Christmas Card from President Reagan [1983] Letter and Christmas Card from President Reagan [1985] Letter and Christmas Card from President Reagan [1986]
Letter and Christmas Card from President Reagan [1987] Letter and Christmas Card from President Reagan [1988] Invitation to a ceremony for National POW/MIA [1993]
VVLP News [2/22/1983] VA Management Brief [9/1981] Copy of a paper by Janet Jordan: "Vietnam Veterans As They See It" [1983]
Fact Sheet for the Vet Center in Boise, Idaho Rubbing of Larry Jordan's name from the Vietnam Veteran's Memorial Wall College transcript, San Jose State
Home » Larry Michael Jordan
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  October 26, 2011
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