The Moldenhauer Archives - The Rosaleen Moldenhauer Memorial


The Moldenhauer Archives at the Library of Congress online presentation was completed in two stages. The initial stage coincided with the Library of Congress’ preparation and publication of The Rosaleen Moldenhauer Memorial: Music History from Primary Sources: A Guide to the Moldenhauer Archives (2000) and involved constructing a descriptive database as well as the scanning and initial quality review of 135 items from the Moldenhauer Archives. The second stage commenced with the restructuring and maintenance of the existing file system and database and a retrospective quality review. Scanning of the remaining images in the published work completed the conversion from printed text to electronic format.

These acknowledgments primarily concern the construction of the online presentation. Acknowledgments (PDF/11 Kb) for the printed edition are included in the special presentation.

Jon Newsom, chief of the Music Division, Library of Congress, provided administrative support and subject expertise throughout the project.

The Library wishes to express special thanks to Mary Moldenhauer for all that she contributed to the completion of both The Rosaleen Moldenhauer Memorial and the online presentation.

Stage One

Morgan Cundiff served as project leader, arranged for the digital capture (scanning) of materials from the Moldenhauer Archives, and was responsible for the initial bibliographic database design. The team that assisted him included Jeni Dahmus, Debbie Fulmore, Susan Manus, and Ashley Short. Systems Integration Group (SIG) of Lanham, Maryland, performed scanning and delivered images. David Arbury was primarily responsible for coordinating scanning, image quality review, and placing images in a digital repository. Concurrent with her editorial assistance in the preparation of the printed edition, Carol Lynn Ward-Bamford provided subject expertise and facilitated the acquisition of images of items held by other institutions.

Stage Two

Deborah Thomas of the Digital Conversion Group (DCG) served as digital projects coordinator, and facilitated construction of the Web site. She also facilitated additional scanning with the Information Technology Services (ITS) Digital Scan Center.

Paul Fraunfelter (DCG) served as project coordinator, was responsible for the project design and production plan, quality review, rights clearances, deposit of images into a digital repository and creation of database records. He also wrote portions of the supporting framework text.

David Brooks (DCG) assisted with various portions of the text conversion process and also was responsible for quality review of additional scanned images and their transfer into a digital repository.

Steve McCollum, Office of Strategic Initiatives (OSI), provided instruction in OCR, expertise in UNIX-based file system management, and developed scripts for the creation of derivative images.

Tracey Salley (OSI) was responsible for Web site design, construction, and graphics.

Chun Yi (OSI) assisted with creation of PDFs.

Christa Maher and Timberly Wuester (OSI) provided guidance with the construct, content, and application of bibliographic databases.

Carol Lynn Ward-Bamford of the Music Division provided subject expertise and wrote “About the Collection” portion of the framework text.

Michael Ferrando, also of the Music Division, created the EAD finding aid.

Barak Stussman, Information Technology Services (ITS), provided programming support and technical expertise.

Domenico Sergi and Lloyd Carter, ITS Digital Scan Center, were responsible for digital image capture and delivery for additional items.

Emily Vartanian, Office of the General Counsel, advised and gave direction in securing copyright information and use permissions.

Mark F. Hall, Jurretta Jordan Heckscher, and Andrea Matles Savada served as editors for supporting text.