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History of the 105th Regiment of Pennsylvania Volunteers, 1861-1865


December 13

Under the direction of General Burnside, the 105th leaves Falmouth and takes part in the Battle of Fredericksburg. It stays near that city until December 16. The following day, the regiment returns to the old camp near Falmouth, now named Camp Pitcher.

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1863 January 20

The 105th leaves Camp Pitcher, Virginia, and begins a march along the Rappahannock River in the direction of Warrenton. Due to heavy rain, Burnside's army remains stuck in the mud until February 12, when the regiment returns to its camp.

March 4

Camp is relocated to Potomac Creek and named Camp Sickles. It is the site of inspections by several generals, the governor of Pennsylvania, and President and Mrs. Lincoln.

April 27

The 105th departs from Camp Sickles. This marks the beginning of the regiment's involvement in the Chancellorsville Campaign under General Hooker.

May 2-3

The 105th fights in the Battle of Chancellorsville. The remainder of the month is spent on picket duty near that city.


The 105th begins a northward march toward Pennsylvania as part of the Gettysburg Campaign.

July 2-3

The 105th fights in the Battle of Gettysburg. After the engagement, the regiment returns to Virginia where summer quarters are set up at White Sulphur Springs.

September 15

The regiment breaks camp and marches to a new one near Culpeper. The troops remain encamped until the Bristoe Campaign begins on October 9.

Based on Kate M. Scott's History of the One Hundred And Fifth Regiment of Pennsylvania Volunteers (Philadelphia: New-World Publishing Co., 1877).