A Civil War Soldier in the Wild Cat Regiment: Selections from the Tilton C. Reynolds Papers


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History of the 105th Regiment of Pennsylvania Volunteers, 1861-1865


October 13

As part of the Bristoe Campaign, the 105th takes part in a minor skirmish at Catlett's Station. Following the fight, the soldiers are assigned provost duty until October 28.


Again ordered to the front, the 105th quits provost duty and moves in the direction of Kelly's Ford, where the soldiers engage with the Confederates on November 7. For the next three weeks they remain camped in Brandy Station.

November 26

The Mine Run Campaign begins.

November 27

The 105th fights at the Battle of Payne's Farm.

November 28

The regiment fights at the Battle of Mine Run.

December 1

The 105th leaves Mine Run, marches to Brandy Station, and lays out its winter quarters near its previous camp.

December 28

According to a General Order of the War Department, the regiment is re-enlisted and the men are given a veteran veterans' furlough.

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1864 February 21

The soldiers of the 105th return from leave with fifty new recruits and encamp two miles from Brandy Station, Virginia. The new camp is named Camp Bullock.

March 26

The corps of the Federal Army is reorganized, and the 105th is placed under Brigadier General Hays as part of the 3rd Brigade, 3rd Division, 2nd Army Corps. The regiment remains at Camp Bullock until May 3.


The 105th leaves Camp Bullock when General Grant begins his Wilderness Campaign.

May 5-June 12

The 105th fights in six battles: Wilderness, Po River, Spotsylvania, North Anna, Tolopotomoy, and Cold Harbor.

June 15-August 12

The regiment engages in the Petersburg Assaults of June 15-18. The troops take various positions in the Petersburg vicinity and occasionally engage with the Confederates.

August 15-16

Ordered to take part in the fighting at Deep Bottom Run, the regiment ascends the James River and meets the Confederates.

August 19

The regiment arrives back near Petersburg and performs fatigue and picket duty until October 1.

Based on Kate M. Scott's History of the One Hundred And Fifth Regiment of Pennsylvania Volunteers (Philadelphia: New-World Publishing Co., 1877).