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METS White Paper Draft from METS Editorial Board (October 25, 2010)

Message from Nancy Hoebelheinrich follows:

As the organization responsible for monitoring and adapting the METS schema, and thus continuing its ability to solve the problems for which it was created, the METS Editorial Board (MEB) has begun the process of reimagining METS. As part of that process, this White Paper has been drafted by MEB members and is designed to provide a common level of understanding about METS. The White Paper will discuss contextual issues that might or might not suggest a rethinking of the goals for and functions of a metadata scheme like METS. The White Paper will be the basis of a discussions in several venues, the first being the Fall Forum of the Council on Library Information Resources Digital Library Federation in early November of this year. The MEB is particularly interested in exploring the METS community’s perception that a continued need for a METS-like metadata schema still exists given the changing metadata and digital library / archive / repository landscape, and if so, how METS might change in a version 2.0.

The White Paper can be found at:

As mentioned, there is a session planned to discuss the White Paper at the CLIR / DLR Fall Forum ( ) on Tuesday, November 2nd, from 4 - 5:30 pm PDT at the DLF Meeting site in Palo Alto, California. While registration for that event is now closed, discussions by anyone interested including METS Board members will also occur on Wednesday afternoon at the open Board meeting, from 1:30 - 5 pm, PDT. An agenda for the open Board meeting on Wednesday and Thursday can be found on the METS wiki at: .

If you are interested in attending this meeting in person, please contact any of the Board members (see the METS website at We would like to make the meeting available via web conferencing as well, if possible, so please let a Board member know if you are interested in participation in the meeting by that means.

Otherwise, discussion of the issues expressed or raised by the White Paper could certainly happen on the METS list, or with individual Board members. The MEB would welcome comments and feedback.

Nancy Hoebelheinrich
Administrative Co-chair, METS Editorial Board


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