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CRS is a participating agency in the Presidential Management Fellows (PMF) program. Administered by the U.S. Office of Personnel Management (OPM), the PMF program is designed to attract to federal service outstanding graduate-level students from a wide variety of academic disciplines who have an interest in, and commitment to, a career in the analysis and management of public policies and programs.

The PMF program is a two-year program. Initial PMF appointments are at the GS-9 level ($51,630 -$67,114 per year), GS-11 level ($63,467 - $81,204 per year), or GS-12 level ($74,872 - $97,333 per year) depending on qualifications. After successful completion of the first year, PMFs are eligible for promotion; upon successful completion of the second year, PMFs are eligible for another promotion and conversion to a permanent federal civil service position. Over 100 government organizations, including the Congressional Research Service, participate in the PMF program. PMFs compete for initial two-year appointments from among these organizations.

Further Information

For more information about the PMF program, including eligibility requirements and application procedures, please visit the PMF Program home page or contact the U.S. Office of Personnel Management Presidential Management Fellows Program at (202) 606-1040. For additional information about CRS's participation in the PMF program, contact D. Andrew Druliner at adruliner@crs.loc.gov.

Last Updated: 04/02/2012