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The American Law Division's work addresses the myriad legal questions that arise in a legislative context or are otherwise of interest to Congress. Some issues relate to the institutional prerogatives of Congress under the Constitution. Other questions involve constitutional and legal principles of statutory analysis that cross legislative policy areas, such as federalism, commerce powers and individual rights.

The division also focuses on the intricacies of legal precedent and statutory construction as they relate to business, crime, the environment, civil rights, international law and other issues. CRS is an arm of Congress. Its reports and memoranda, while not legally binding, are used by Members and Committees of Congress in their legislative deliberations and decision-making.

The division is subdivided into five research sections, each led by a section research manager.

  • Administrative Law
  • Business
  • Congress
  • Courts and International
  • Natural Resources

Attorneys in each section can expect to work in a variety of legal areas to meet the changing demands of the legislative agenda and congressional interests.

Last Updated: 01/04/2012