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"Most of the guys that lost their lives in Vietnam lost them in the last thirty days of their term because they got careless and sloppy and starting thinking about going home." (Video interview, 18:30)

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   Edward L. Schrock
Image of Edward L. Schrock
Edward Schrock, 2003
War: Vietnam War, 1961-1975
Branch: Navy
Rank: Captain
Place of Birth: OH
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During his 24 years of service with the Navy, Edward Schrock was often in the sensitive position of dealing with the news media. He served as a public affairs officer during two tours of duty in Vietnam and was stationed in Guam in 1975, when refugees from the war's end flooded that island. Schrock continued his public service as a Congressman from Virginia's Second District, representing eight military bases in the Tidewater area.

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Duties in Norfolk as admiral's representative; post-service life. (01:55) Fighting to stay in the Navy. (01:42) His cancer diagnosis. (03:07)
In Guam at war's end; dealing with refugees. (02:30) Anti-war feeling in America during the war. (00:30) Living in Danang; escorting media to a Navy hospital. (04:08)
Changing his duties to public affairs; last days of his tour. (01:45) Volunteering to go to Vietnam. (02:10) Pilots in his wing getting shot down. (01:42)
Meeting Jim Morrison, son of his captain. (00:45) Camaraderie of his company in training school. (01:17) 
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  October 26, 2011
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