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In order to increase opportunities for prospective bidders, our invitations for bidding are posted daily in our Central Office and Regional Procurement Offices. This means that we actually display the entire specification, with all attachments, including small purchases, which can be bid by telephone; formally advertised one-time purchases, with sealed bid requirements; and term contracts (contracts to supply requirements usually for a term of one year), also with sealed bid requirements.

With exceptions for short schedules, small purchases are posted for a minimum of 72 hours before bids are required. The one-time purchases are usually posted for one or two weeks and term contracts three or four weeks, prior to bid opening. After attempting to get more time, we also post the short schedules, but for less than the preferred 72 hours minimum.

Bid results are also available for all procurements as well as abstracts of bids for term contracts.

To support the posting procedure, we have installed copiers in each office. An interested bidder can visit any office on weekdays (excluding holidays), examine the posted procurements, and make copies as necessary. These copiers are primarily for the use of our bidders and we encourage bidders to visit our offices to take advantage of the posting and the copiers.

The employees on duty are available to answer questions about the posting or any other aspect of our procurement program


Because of requests for bulk quantities, various publications that are used in our procurement operations can now be purchased from the Superintendent of Documents:

Publication Stock No. Price/Unit of Issue

GPO Contract Terms 021-000-00143-1 $33.00/25
(GPO Pub 310.2)

Billing Instructions 021-000-00154-6 12.00/25
(GPO Form 199)

Quality Assurance Through 021-000-00147-3 3.00 each
Attributes Program
(GPO Pub. 310.1)

Solicitation Mailing List 021-000-00133-3 27.00/100
Application (GPO Form 2524)

Bid Set (Bid papers and 021-000-00132-5 25.00/100
envelope, GPO Forms 910 and 184

Bidder's Kit 021-000-00128-7 50.00/10

Guidelines for Contractors 021-000-00149-0 6.00/10
Holding Press Sheet Inspections

The bidder's kit contains the above publications (except the Bid Set) as well as many other instructions, notices, etc. that relate to our procurement operations.

These publications can be ordered by writing the United States Government Printing Office, Superintendent of Documents, Washington, D.C. 20402, or by calling the order desk, Superintendent of Documents, area code (202)783-3238. Payment will be accepted if made by MasterCard, VISA, or personal check made payable to the Superintendent of Documents.

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