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Historically we have rotated our bidders' names so that everyone has an equal opportunity to bid. However, although some respond regularly and with competitive prices, there are many firms who have never responded to even one solicitation. By continuing to solicit inactive printing suppliers we are depriving firms who are genuinely interested in doing business with the GPO from receiving more opportunities to bid.

In an effort to refine our list of bidders we will only solicit bids from those firms that take the time to respond to our invitations for bid (IFB's) in a regular manner. The following procedures are in effect:

1. Any firm not responding to five or more IFB's that open during any one month in any one of our product categories will be removed from our list of bidders for that category.

2. Any firm that receives eight or more IFB's that open during any one month and does not respond to any of those IFB's will be removed from ALL product categories in our list of bidders.

3. Reinstatement of product categories into our list of bidders will require the submission of a new Solicitation Mailing List Application.

4. A "No Bid" will be acceptable as a response to an IFB as long as it is received by bid opening time for the solicitation.

5. Only responses to IFB's sent to a firm by the GPO and not any that are made through the posting procedure, will count as a response.

These procedures will not prevent any firm from doing business with the GPO through the posting procedure; they will however affect the number of IFB's a firm will receive through the mail from the GP0 as outlined in items 1 & 2.

Any questions regarding this notice should be addressed to the Chief of our Bid Section at (202) 512-0526.

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