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Getting Paid Quickly

How to Prepare Your Billing and Get Paid

Billing the GPO
Assembling the Invoice and Attachments
Addressing packages, envelopes
Facsimile Transmission of Invoices
Electronic Funds Transfer
Any Further Questions?
Assembling and Addressing


When you received your bid package from the Government Printing Office (GPO), it contained two forms vital to your firm receiving payment for work you produce for us: The Standard Form 3881 (ACH Vendor/Miscellaneous Payment Enrollment Form) for Electronic Funds Transfer payment and the GPO Form 2680, Contractor Payment Address Authorization Form, which listed the address where we are to send all payments, or the address where electronic payments are to be sent if you choose Electronic Funds Transfer; and GPO Publication 300.3, GPO Billing Instructions, which covers our billing requirements in detail.

This brochure presents our Billing Instructions in brief and provides a few hints which we believe will expedite the payment process. We ask that if you are not involved with generating invoices (billing) to us, please forward this brochure to the people who do perform that function.



1. An invoice. An invoice may be any of the following:

a. Standard Form 1034, Public Voucher for Purchases and Services Other Than Personal. This method requires the completion of the following information:

  • Your name and payment address
  • Discount terms you offer, if any
  • "EFT'' symbol prominently displayed (if you signed up for electronic fund transfer)
  • GPO purchase order number
  • GPO jacket number
  • GPO print order number (if applicable)
  • Delivery date
  • Description of the articles
  • Quantity shipped
  • Unit price
  • Extension
  • Your invoice number (if applicable)

The omission of any of the above information may be cause for delaying payment.

b. GPO Form 2511. Print Order. This form has space at the bottom for billing information. Please make sure all appropriate blocks have been completed.

c. Your own invoice form. If you elect this method, you must complete the information listed under "1.a'' above or you may attach a completed Standard Form 1034 as noted in "1.a'' above. It should be noted that your form will NOT be returned to you. Our check stub will tell you which orders are being paid or, if applicable, accounting data will be furnished electronically to your bank or financial institution.

2. A copy of the GPO order. If you have elected to submit either the Standard Form 1034 alone, your own form plus the Standard Form 1034, or your own form containing the pertinent information listed in "1.a'', please attach a copy of the GPO purchase order or GPO print order. This will help us if an error has been made in our records or on your documentation.

3. Evidence of shipment or delivery. Submit receipts when delivery is required by a certain date, or copies of the shipping documents when shipping is required by a certain date. The receipts or shipping documents must show:

  • GPO purchase order number
  • GPO jacket number
  • GPO print order number (if appropriate)
  • Quantity represented by the receipt

The submitted receipt or shipping document must total to the quantity ordered and the quantity billed. Government bills of lading and commercial bills of lading must be signed by the carrier and indicate the actual pickup date. STRAIGHT bills of lading ARE NOT considered adequate shipping documentation. They must be commercial carrier AIRWAY or FREIGHT bills. If return of Government property is required, there must be a receipt or shipping document for the property with all the proper identification on the receipt.

4. A sample of the actual work (only when required by the contract). This sample will show the work done and will be used to verify differences between our order and your billing, as well as to verify negative or composition charges.


When all the above documentation is assembled, you should secure it firmly so it will stay together through the postal system and our mail sorting system. GPO's mail room opens all packages and envelopes to stamp the receipt date on the Standard Form 1034 or your invoice form. This stamped date is used to compute YOUR payment date (30 days from receipt of invoice, or sooner if the discount offered meets Treasury Department criteria).

Small items Drive 2 or 3 LARGE staples through all the papers, preferably in the middle of the package. You can also put the papers in a sealed envelope placing a secured copy of the Standard Form 1034 or your invoice form on the outside of the envelope (staple or tape), then put this package in another envelope or container.

Bulky items. If your invoice and attachments are bulky, tie the package together securely with string (rubber bands break and come loose). A copy of the Standard Form 1034 on your invoice form should be on top of the package.


DO NOT mail your invoice to a GPO Procurement Office as this will delay payment. Address your package or envelope to:

Office of Financial Management
U.S. Government Printing Office
Washington, DC 20401


You may FAX the completed invoice to us by utilizing the GPO barcode coversheet program application. Click on the hyperlink and follow the instructions as indicated: Facsimile transmission should only be used when no samples are required with your invoice, otherwise payment will be held up while the invoice is returned to you for the required sample(s).


GPO now provides the opportunity for you to receive payment for your invoices more promptly through the Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) program. Under EFT, payment is in your account on the payment date. Accounting data is furnished electronically to your bank or financial institution. Your bank or financial institution is responsible for providing you with the accounting data you need to settle you accounts. We urge your participation. The system really works! If you have any questions concerning EFT, please call (202) 512-0864, or FAX inquiries to (202) 512-0992.


Your cooperation in following the tips in this brochure will enable us to provide you with the service you expect and to which you are entitled. If you have any questions concerning your procedures, you may write us at the above address, FAX inquiries to (202) 512-0992, or e-mail them to



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