Manchin Introduces 'CALM' Act to Ease Fiscal Cliff

Manchin offered legislation to alleviate the worst immediate effects of the cliff, while providing a path forward to a long-term solution. Read More

Manchin Christmas Greetings

Senator Manchin wishes all West Virginians a Merry Christmas and issued a statement about the holiday. Read More

The Best in West Virginia is on Display this Christmas Season

We in West Virginia are so blessed, with the riches of loving families, a beautiful state to call home and the knowledge that we all truly care about our friends and neighbors. ... Read More

Manchin: ‘Everything Should Be On The Table’

As a lifetime member of the NRA and proud 2nd Amendment supporter, Manchin issued a statement about the need for public action in the aftermath of the tragic shooting in Newtown. Read More

Manchin Earns Spot on Senate Banking Committee

Manchin announced that he will represent West Virginians on the Senate Banking Committee, in addition to his current assignments on the Energy, Armed Services and Aging committees.... Read More
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  • Every Wednesday I look forward to meeting w WVians & discussing important issues while we drink coffee & eat pastries. Join me 12/12 @ 10am
  • Proud to stand with some of our nation's heroes at the Veterans Memorial in Charleston on the anniv. of Pearl Harbor
  • Honored 2 spend anniv of Pearl Harbor w vets who helped build this great nation @ opening of Roark-Sullivan Lifeway Ctr
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