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News Roundup - December 21, 2012

Open World Leadership Center (Washington, DC)
Posted on December 21, 2012

By   Open World

Enid, OK delegate Dmitriy Lebedev (left) and a local member of the US Air Force on base.
Our founding chairman, Librarian of Congress James H. Billington honored by the Russians for his service (article, in Russian):
Another article, in English

Open World News - Vol. 4 Issue 8

Our Jazz Program nominator and the editor ofhttp://Jazz.Ru on the life of Dave Brubeck and his interactions with Open World (article, in Russian):

Russian delegation goes to jail in Kansas (article):

Local legislators from Moscow in Chicago (photoshow):

“I was impressed by the hospitality and the friendship at the Air Force base. From childhood, Communist times, there was a stigma attached to American military as scary, aggressive people. It’s great to know those were stereotypes,” (article):

“Nothing compares to seeing it with our own eyes,” (article):

[Reprinted with Permission]