Finding Words Related to Your Query

You can use the Relate Advisor to identify potentially valuable query words that might not have originally occurred to you. In the feedback searching process, this advisor can suggest terms with which you can refine your query.

After entering a query and activating the Relate Advisor, PLWeb Turbo will generate, on-the-fly, a list of words in the current database that are statistically related to the words in your query. Words are considered related if they exhibit a significant degree of co-occurrence within records.

The Relate Screen will display the most significant related terms, presented in order of degree of co-occurrence with your query words.

Feedback Searching with the Relate Advisor

The Relate Screen will display words that might not be immediately obvious to you, but could nonetheless be useful in a query. This advisor's feedback can aid you in refining a query by suggesting valuable search terms that you otherwise might not consider.

You can include any Relate Screen entry in your query by clicking on it and then clicking on the Add Words to Query button. You can select multiple words for inclusion by control-clicking on them (command-clicking for Macintosh clients).

After clicking on the Add Words to Query button, you will see your selection(s) appended to your current query.

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