Viewing a Database's Dictionary

The Dictionary Advisor is useful for verifying the existence of words within a database; if a search for a particular word yields no hits, and you believe that the word is in the database, the Dictionary Advisor can confirm or deny your suspicions. This advisor also shows what variants of a given word exist in a database.

Note: The Dictionary Advisor will act on the first word in a multi-word query.
The Dictionary Screen will display an excerpt of entries from the dictionary, an alphabetical listing of all unique terms in the active database(s), with the exception of stopwords. The displayed excerpt begins at the point in the dictionary where the first word in your query does, or would, appear.

Feedback Searching with the Dictionary Advisor

You can include any Dictionary Screen entry in your query by clicking on it and then clicking on the Add Words to Query button. You can select multiple words for inclusion by control-clicking on them.

After clicking on the Add Words to Query button, you will see your selection(s) appended to your current query.

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