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Codification of Title 55,
United States Code,


Over the past 5 decades, Congress has enacted a substantial body of law consisting of separate Acts dealing with pollution of air, water, and land generally and with specific pollutants in particular. That body of law has come to be known generally as ‘‘environmental law’’. Those Acts are presently classified to several titles of the United States Code in disparate places. This bill is the first in a series to consolidate those Acts in a single title 55, ‘‘Environment’’. The bill will enact subtitle I, ‘‘General Provisions’’ (consisting primarily of definitions for the title, establishment of the Environmental Protection Agency, and national environmental policy), and subtitle II, ‘‘Air’’ (consisting of the Clean Air Act and related laws). It is contemplated that subsequent bills will enact subtitles relating to water, land, and particular substances.

The bill was prepared by the Office of the Law Revision Counsel as part of the Office's ongoing responsibility under section 205(c) of House Resolution No. 988, 93d Congress, as enacted into law by Public Law 93-554 (2 U.S.C. 285b), ''[t]o prepare, and submit to the Committee on the Judiciary one title at a time, a complete compilation, restatement, and revision of the general and permanent laws of the United States''.

PDF Versions

PDF version of DRAFT BILL (not yet introduced).

PDF version of the DRAFT EXPLANATION (including a disposition table and section-by-section explanation of the bill).

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