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Offices & Services

In addition to the Clerk’s Immediate Office, located in H154 of the U.S. Capitol, there are nine offices that fall under the Clerk’s jurisdiction

Capitol Service Groups

The Capitol Service Groups provide support services to the maintenance of the Republican and Democratic Cloakrooms, the Lindy Claiborne Boggs Congressional Women’s Reading Room, the Members and Family Committee Room, and the Capitol Prayer Room.

Legislative Computer Systems (LCS)

LCS provides technical support for offices under the Clerk and maintains the electronic voting system on the House Floor.

Legislative Resource Center (LRC)

The Legislative Resource Center (LRC) ensures that House legislative and membership information is accessible to all. LRC supplies House Members with the documents under consideration on the House Floor. LRC also gathers and verifies information on actions by House Committees and the President of the United States regarding legislation. The data are stored in the Legislative Information Management System (LIMS), an in-house system that tracks all legislation from its introduction on the House Floor to its signing by the President. LRC manages lobbying disclosure filings as well as public disclosure forms from all House Officers, Members, and staff and makes disclosure registrations and reports accessible to the public. LRC compiles and publishes official lists and informational publications about the House–including Member, Committee, and House office information as well as nominee and election statistics–and serves as the repository and a disseminator of official House legislative documents and publications. LRC also supports congressional offices with orders for official stationery and envelopes and other print services and responds to congressional and public inquiries regarding legislative information about Congress. read more read more

Office of Art and Archives
Office of the Historian

The Offices research and collect more than 200 years of House history in the form of documents, artifacts, biographical information, historical analysis, and artwork, providing a variety of services concerning historical publications, the House Collection, and the records of the House. The Offices maintain the House entries of the Biographical Directory of the United States Congress and present original research in publications such as Women in Congress, 1917–2006 and Black Americans in Congress, 1870–2007. The Offices curate the House Collection of fine art and historical artifacts, collecting and caring for the more than 2,000 objects, resulting in exhibitions, publications, and commissions. The Office also processes the records of the House and oversees their eventual safe transfer to the National Archives, helps House committees and officers identify records for permanent retention, and provides management advice to Members for their congressional papers.

Office of House Employment Counsel (OHEC)

OHEC provides advice about employment practices and acts as legal representation for all employing authorities in the House.

Office of Legislative Operations

The Office of Legislative Operations coordinates the services of the Bill and Enrolling Clerks, the Journal Clerks, the Tally Clerks, the Daily Digests, and the Floor Action Reporting.
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Office of Communications

The Office of Communications provides comprehensive creative services to all divisions of the Office of the Clerk. Offerings include message positioning and branding, Web and print content development and management, graphic and interactive Web design, event and architectural photography, event support, email marketing, and social media consulting.

Official Reporters

Official Reporters transcribes House proceedings verbatim for publication in the Congressional Record and provides stenographic support to Committees for all hearings, meetings, and mark-up sessions.

Office of the Clerk - U.S. Capitol, Room H154, Washington, DC 20515-6601 | (202) 225-7000

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