• American Taxpayer Relief Act Reduces Deficits by $737 Billion

    Earlier today, the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) released its score of H.R. 8, the “American Taxpayer Relief Act of 2012.” By convention, the score measured the effects of this legislation relative to “current law,” which assumes the expiration of all of the 2001/2003 tax cuts, cuts to Medicare physicians of almost 27 percent, and allowing the across the board cuts from sequestration to take effect. But that does not provide a realistic perspective on the impact of H.R. 8.

  • The 2012 SAVE Award Winner

    The results of this year’s SAVE Award voting are in! This year’s winner is Department of Education program officer Frederick Winter of Arlington, Virginia. Frederick’s idea received more than 19,000 votes, out of more than 46,000 ballots cast.

  • The 2012 SAVE Award Final Four

    Since its creation in 2009, President Obama’s SAVE Award [Securing Americans Value and Efficiency] has served as a vehicle for Federal employees to offer firsthand their ideas on how to improve performance and ensure taxpayer dollars are spent wisely.

  • The United States and Canada Announce Progress in Regulatory Cooperation

    The Canada-United States Regulatory Cooperation Council releases the first Progress Report on the Council’s efforts to date. U.S. and Canadian representatives have found creative ways to work together to promote economic growth and cut red tape, as well as improve health, safety, and environmental protections for our citizens.

  • Setting Goals and Measuring Progress to Better Serve the American People

    OMB marks another milestone in the Administration’s effort to change the way government does business – the launch of an updated and enhanced version of the website.

  • Historic Savings in Contracting – and Plans for More

    The Office of Federal Procurement Policy announces that the Administration reduced contract spending by over $20 billion in Fiscal Year (FY) 2012 compared to last year, marking the largest single year dollar decrease in Federal contract spending on record. The Administration is also announcing plans to achieve more savings moving forward with efforts to pool the government’s buying power to deliver a better value for the American people through strategic sourcing.

  • Eliminating Billions in Payment Errors

    As part of the President’s Campaign to Cut Waste, this Administration has taken an aggressive approach to attacking waste, fraud, and abuse within government agencies. Nowhere is this more apparent than in combatting improper payments – those Federal payments that are made in the wrong amount, to the wrong entity, or for the wrong purpose.

  • PortfolioStat: Saving Billions in IT Spending

    Over the last six months, agencies across the Federal government have been undertaking a coordinated effort to scour their IT budgets to find unnecessary IT spending and develop a plan to root out waste. This effort – called PortfolioStat – has resulted in ambitious plans that will save the government $2.5 billion over the next three years through consolidating duplicative systems, buying in bulk, and ending or streamlining off-track projects.

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