Build a Bill

Have you ever wondered what a bill looks like? Follow the directions to fill in the spaces below and create your own.

To begin, think of an idea you would like to become a law. It can be anything that you think would make the United States a better place to live. Now you are ready to build your bill!

  1. Tip: There are two types of laws, private and public. Private laws affect a specific person or group. Public laws affect the general public. Choose the type that best describes your bill.

  2. Tip: Bill titles usually begin with “to” followed by a verb. For example: to provide, to protect, or to keep. It should describe the purpose of your bill.

  3. Tip: In a real bill, this would say either "Senate" or "House of Representatives," depending upon which Chamber it was introduced in.

  4. Tip: Enter your name or the name of a friend who thinks your idea should become a law.

  5. Tip: Cosponsors are Members who think the bill should become a law. Enter the names of your friends who think your idea should become a law. You may enter as many consponsors as you would like.

  6. Tip: The text is the body of the bill, which includes all of the details about your idea. In real bills, the bill text can be thousands of pages long.
    You have characters remaining for your bill text.