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The Sir Francis Drake Collection: Acknowledgments

From the Rare Book & Special Collections Division

Mark Dimunation, chief, provided overall direction.

Elizabeth Gettins, Team Leader, digital collections, Rare Book and Special Collections Division, led and coordinated the overall production of this collection.

Mark Alan Williams converted the published version of Hans P. Kraus, Sir Francis Drake; A Pictorial Biography from SGML into XML. He also conducted quality review on numerous digitized items in this collection, created derivatives and helped with filenaming.

Gerald Wager, head of Reference and Reader Services, coordinated with the Conservation Division and began the work of creating and updating bibliographic records for the collection.

Division and Reading Room Staff

George Chiassion, Tamikia Epperson , Clark Evans, Callie Mosley, David Robinson, and Walter Walden provided assistance in locating materials as well as assisting with reading room procedures.


Calvin Chase of Systems Integration Group (SIG), digitized approximately half of the collection. Upon conclusion of the SIG contract, Joel Kaufman from the Library's Digital Scan Center served as the leader and completed the digitization with the help of others, including Lisa Cope, Jade Curtis, Glen Krankowski, and Dominic Sergi.

Colleen Cahill of the Geography & Map Division digitized the maps and views of the collection.


Barak Stussman served as the technical programmer for the entire collection.

Christa Maher created and maintained the production database, advised on the creation of Non-MARC records in the collection, and ensured accuracy of the data.

Steve McCollum created the derivatives and offered general guidance on manipulating data via Unix.

Aaron Chaletzky identified files from SIG and uploaded the data.

Deb Thomas aided in collaboration with technical issues and overall production.

Laura Graham provided direction for SGML.

Elizabeth Madden collaborated with Information Technology Services and obtained server space.

Robin Taylor provided the text encoding instructions and quality review.

Randy Wells guided the project in its initial stages.


Claire Dekle, Allen Haley, and Lynn Kidder provided consultation and conservation of the items, worked closely with the scanning of the items to ensure proper handling, and re-housed the manuscripts in the collection.


Caroline Arms provided overall cataloging guidance. Colleen Cahill, Barbara Dash, and David Reser created and updated the MARC bibliographic records in the collection.


Michael Hughes evaluated rights issues and permissions requirements for the online catalog.

Web Design and Editing

Tracey Salley designed the Web page and graphics for the collection and Andrea Matles Savada and Barry Wolverton served as editors.

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