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Selections from the Naxi Manuscript Collection: Acknowledgments

Selections from the Naxi Manuscript Collection is the result of hard work by many dedicated people, over a number of years.

Dr. Mi Chu Wiens, area specialist in the Asian Division, curated the online project. She was also the project director for the Naxi manuscripts cataloging project. She arranged for a three-year grant from the Chiang Ching-kuo Foundation, which allowed professor Zhu Baotian of the Yunnan Provincial Museum to compile the Annotated Catalog of Naxi Pictographic Manuscripts in the Library of Congress, a featured item in this online presentation.

Marco Samayoa and Robin Taylor, Area Studies digital conversion specialists, coordinated production of the online collection. Other members of the Area Studies Digital Conversion Team, Lisa Lee, Sandra Bostian, Olga Smirnova, and Sam Manivong, lent their support to the project.

Jesse Munn and Hans Wang, Conservation Division, worked on rehousing, conserving, and labeling the manuscripts during Dr. Zhu’s visit.

Lisa Cope and Joel Kaufman of the Digital Scan Center scanned the manuscripts with great care and skill and ensured that the images were presented in the best manner possible. Mike Fitzella and Dominic Sergi provided administrative support during the scanning. Andrew Cook assisted in the scanning of the Zhu annotated catalog.

The 39 ½-foot long scroll "Journey to Heaven," was scanned in fifteen sections at the Digital Scan Center with assistance from conservationist Jesse Munn. Lisa Cope used Adobe Photoshop to stitch together the fifteen sections into three larger images. Colleen Cahill converted these three images to the MrSid format for viewing.

The site design and HTML coding was performed by Andrea Dillon. Andrea Matles Savada edited the online text. Tim Harker was responsible for the site programming. Michelle Adams helped to allocate the server space needed to hold the collection material. Christa Maher assisted in preparing the bibliographic data and with a variety of technical matters. Liz Madden, Timberly Weuster, Caroline Arms, Dave Woodward, Tracey Salley, Chris Testa and Jurretta Jordan Heckscher also provided assistance.

Laura Nelson of the Office of General Counsel provided research and advice regarding rights issues for the material used online.

Many other people gave technical and managerial support behind the scenes, including Carolyn Brown, acting director of Area Studies Collections; Hwa-Wei Lee, chief of the Asian Division; John Van Oudenaren, chief, European Division and Global Gateway project manager; and Michael Neubert, digital projects coordinator, Area Studies Collections and Deborah Thomas, digital projects coordinator, Public Service Collections.

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