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Washington, D.C.--the Electoral Commission holding a secret session by candle-light, on the Louisiana question, February 16. 1877.
(Reproduction Number: LC-USZ62-97512)

Presidential Elections
and the Electoral College

The Proceedings of the
Electoral Commission of 1877

Congressional Record - Volume 5, Part 4




This presentation highlights volume 5, part 4 of the Congressional Record. A wide variety of materials on presidential elections and the electoral college may be found in A Century of Lawmaking for a New Nation. Just a few of the many searches that will produce useful hits include:

Additional Library of Congress online resources related to presidential elections and the electoral college include the following Today in History Web pages:

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Students and researchers on the subject of the presidential elections and the electoral college may find it useful to consult the Law Library of Congress Research Guide to Election Resources, a resource guide to both electronic and printed materials on the subject.

The National Archives and Records Administration has created the Electoral College Web Site.

The United States Supreme Court offers all the major documents relating to the Florida Election Cases pertaining to the 2000 Presidential election.

The Committee on House Administration of the United States House of Representatives has published a Congressional Research Service memorandum Overview of Electoral College Procedure and the Role of Congress.

Harper's Weekly was a leading weekly newspaper and HarpWeek offers an educational Web site on the Electoral College Controversy of 1876-1877.

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